Your Government Does Not Care What You Think

Tell me if your Dad used to yell this at you: “If I want your opinion, I’ll tell you what it is!”

Scary, right? And unfortunately a picture of how our representatives in the United States government treat us. Their priorities are wrong, we the people know it, and they don’t care to listen to us. In fact, only 31% of likely voters think the US is heading in the right direction. And only 24% trust the government to do the right thing. Overall, only 10% of people polled have any confidence in Congress – and only 37% in the President.

Of course, that begs the question why do we keep sending the same group of useless idiots back to Washington D.C. when we the voters control who represents us? After all, only 64% of likely voters think that Congress cares one bit about what they think.

But that is a question for another time. Today’s question is, what the heck is the government doing instead of doing what we the people want and need?

To look at the news, you’d think that the top priority for our country is Immigration Reform. And while getting a firm grip on the problem of illegal immigration is indeed something we must do, it’s far from a top priority. In fact, Immigration as an issue ranks a paltry 7th on the list of concerns. And that says nothing of how people view the actual situation itself.

To stay with Immigration, seeing as it is dominating what the Senate is focusing on, our elected officials do not even reflect the actual desires of the American public. While Harry Reid and his pals in The Gang of Eight are doing their unlevel-headed best to squash real border security, 64% of people rank it as the top need in any immigration reform plan.

So, while the Senate sells out American taxpayers with what amounts to an Amnesty + “Put them all on welfare, unemployment, and ObamaCare” plan, how is the House of Representatives spending their time? Well, House Leader John “Weeping RINO” Boehner took the time to promise that he will do everything in his power to get enough Republicans to vote with the minority Democrats to pass the Immigration Reform bill that is not a priority. At least, despite this mountain of wayward priority setting, the House is looking at some things that Americans currently do care about.

Things like:

  • The NSA Scandal – which is the top issue on people’s minds, even as Obama poo-poo’s it and blames it on Bush (who is not innocent in this issue either).
  • The IRS Scandal – #2 with a bullet (yes, that’s a reference to the IRS training with Assault Rifles).
  • Benghazi – will we ever get the truth about our 4 murdered patriots?

A good start, but I doubt it will come to anything more than pontificating and positioning.

Meanwhile ObamaCare – uncared for by over half of American citizens – rolls on towards full train wreck. As does gun control rhetoric, a top concern for only 3% of the population. And of course, now Syria – where we move closer to arming rebels who hate America even more than their own government.

The bottom line is this: the American government has lost their way. They do not focus on the things that are real priorities – like jobs, the decline in real wages, soaring deficits and debt, and the moral malaise of the nation – and instead focus on what they think will cement their legacy as a “reformer.” But history does not vote for our current representatives. We do. And it would behoove the powers-that-currently-be to realize that one day we will stop voting for incumbents and politicians, and start voting for people who really do carry out our priorities and help meet the present needs of the nation.

Which brings us back to the question we tabled for another time: Why do we keep sending the same group of useless idiots back to Washington D.C.?