What Democrats Really Stand For


Democrat-LettersIf there was ever any doubt about what the Democrat Party stands for, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and their elected and appointed lackeys sent a very clear message on September 30th: you – the American citizen – work for them.

Such a notion is a bastardization of the U.S. Constitution so heinous and blatant that it is sheer willful treachery against each and every voter who has ever pulled the “D” lever in the polling booth.

It began with Obama’s 5pm speech which was filled with unwarranted insults, uncalled for strong-arm tactics, and unmitigated lies about what a government shutdown entails, along with the actual contents of his signature piece of legislation, the job-killing, taxpayer bilking, price raising, misnamed Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act.

But damn the needs of the American people! It has Obama’s name on it and Pride will win out!

However, Obama’s speech did have one sad truth in it: the admission that the Federal Government is the largest employer in America. Many of us knew this fact already, but to actually hear a President use it as a defense for his indefensible actions was enough to bring the morale of the nation to an all-time low.

The Federal Government should not be the largest employer in America. It goes against everything this nation was founded and built on. The primary purpose of the Constitution is to limit government both in size and in reach. The ideals of the very first Americans had at their core the freedom for the people to build lives as they saw fit, and in so doing build a nation where individuals depended on their own ingenuity and the bonds of local community to create prosperity.

The government was not meant to be an employer beyond the basic needs of its own workings and the defense of the nation. Instead, since Teddy Roosevelt first ascended to power on a lie he told to the Republican voters, the government has become the Progressive progenitor of its own enormous growth. First came Teddy’s regulations, then came Woodrow Wilson’s government money men, followed by Franklin Roosevelt’s agencies and handouts, Lyndon Johnson’s social control expansion projects, and now Barack’s Obamacare.

Each of these grand schemes had pretty names and fanciful rhetoric, and the American population became hooked on these gifts from each President Santa Claus. It had the appearance of your government actually caring for you and meeting your needs. But beneath the surface were layers of legislation, bureaucracies, and unchecked expansion that created an elite class of untouchable politicians and bureaucrats.

And now it’s come to this – to Harry Reid and Barack Obama not even trying to hide their intentions. They are motivated by pride, they do not care if you know it, and they are betting that they can fool you anyway.

So you need evidence? Here’s the most blatant smoking gun of all: with every attempt that the Republicans made to protect the American people from the harsh effects of ObamaCare, the Democrats refused to negotiate. In fact, when the Republicans tried to at least make government employees – including the very Senators and Representatives voting on the bills at hand – pay the same money as you and me and your next door neighbor for ObamaCare, the Democrats refused to give up one penny of the taxpayer’s money that they co-opted to use to pay for their own premiums.

Do you think the Democrats care that you know they are using your money to pay for their insurance?

I doubt it. They are betting on the media to cover their tracks and your muscle memory to just blindly pull the “D” lever come the next election.

How about we all surprise them and take them off of the government payroll instead!