We’re Coming Soon

TheWriteAmerica is still in it’s Alpha stage. The site design is pretty much settled as you see it here. The “About” page is live, and the two most important pages – one containing the full text of The Constitution, the other containing the full text of The Declaration of Independence – are finished as well.

The plan is to move the site into Beta when I have a real post up. I hope to have that in the next day or so.

After that, the full roll-out will come quickly.

“Thank you” to everyone for your early support. I look forward to TheWriteAmerica becoming a place of lively and civil discourse and discussion as together we forge a community determined to see America become what it has always been intended to be: a land of freedom and opportunity, where rights are paramount but responsibilities form our actions in an environment that promotes equal opportunity while admitting that equal results cannot be guaranteed.

Good Day, Good Night, and God Bless.

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