This Is How The Economy Dies

There’s an old joke that says “it’s not the fall that kills you, it’s the sudden stop.” And in most cases that’s true. However, the American economy is plunging towards a hard impact from such a great height that it could burn up from the friction or die with a last gasp of breath before it hits the ground.

Fortunately, there is a way to stop the free fall before it’s too late.

Unfortunately, not enough of our elected officials have the guts to pull us out of our nosedive.

Many politicians believe that money is the base factor of the economy. That’s why you get such tried and failed ideas as Stimulus Packages and the Federal Reserve printing up un-backed currency to dump into the system. A very small amount of this money does trickle into the economy, but through the hands of a privileged few with connections to the politicians and bureaucrats that deal out the dough. As the past four years have shown us, putting money directly into a staggering economy makes a few people richer, but the cost per job created is astronomical.

So if money isn’t the basis of the economy, then what is?


Yes, people. People working. People creating products. People selling products. People servicing people.

But for all of his “I’m just like you” smoke and mirrors, Barack Obama really isn’t much of a people person.

Which is unfortunate, because people are the ones that do the jobs that fuel the economy.

The official unemployment rate during the time Obama has been in office has hovered around 8%, and 9% is not out of the question given current conditions.

And let me save die-hard Liberals some breath: yes, he inherited a terrible economy from Bush.

A terrible economy that Obama and Congress then stuck a knife in, twisted, and broke off the blade at the hilt while it was still inside the body.

ObamaCare taxes and regulations are putting people out of work… the Death Tax is causing families to sell their small businesses… An unstable economy has companies putting a freeze on hiring… And now the Fiscal Cliff deal will send us plunging deeper into a sea of red darkness as government debt skyrockets past $16-trillion.

Right now, the US economy is stagnant with signs that it will begin shrinking very soon. When that happens, we’ll see real unemployment rise, and our anemic growth of between one and two percent will creep down to zero, and then contract below the breaking point. And God help us if China and other countries that hold our purse strings come calling for their money.

There seems to be little hope for our economy right now. The Democrats are talking about letting Obama break the Constitution and raise the debt limit on his command so that they can dole out even more taxpayer money to their cronies. The Republicans are talking tough saying they’ll hold the line on a debt limit increase and begin to push for real spending cuts and entitlement reforms. But then another election will come around and the RHINOS will stampede towards the left of center, huffing and puffing and blowing our house down.

That is, unless the America voter gets some guts and stops pulling the incumbent lever 94% of the time. If voters come to realize that their guy is as bad as all of the other guys on the Hill (except for a few exceptions ushered in during the past 2 elections), then this country has a shot at breathing new life into the economy, breath powered by real spending cuts, entitlement reform, growth-oriented tax reform, and a sense of gratitude that rewards success.