The Terrifying Reign Of Barack The Corrupt

I am not one of those people who hates to say “I told you so.” I figure, if you’ve been warned and you ignore the warnings, then you get what you deserve. So, to all of you who supported Barack Obama in any election  – in any capacity including staying home and note voting for his opponent – allow me to strike up the band…

I told you so!

I told you he was an enemy of the United States Constitution in my series We The People vs Obama.

I told you on multiple occasions the disaster that would follow the passage of ObamaCare: “Patient Protection and Affordable Cara Act” is Still A Bad Bill, What To Do With ObamaCare, and ObamaCare Kills More Than Just Jobs – to name a few.

I told you Obama was an appeasement-motivated lamb who was willing to lead his sheep to slaughter in articles such as Obama & Morsi: Brothers in Arms and Arab Spring, Global Fail.

And I told you that he would use the IRS and the Department of Justice to go after any who dared to expose or oppose him multiple times, including in the columns We The People vs Obama – Part 2: The Co-Conspirators, Obama Can Have You Killed, and Obama The Assassin.

But you Democrats, Liberals, and mainstream media chattel just would not listen. And now, to quote Barack Obama’s long time adviser and Pastor – Reverend Jeremiah Wright – “America’s chickens have come home to roost.”

So let’s take a look at where exactly those chickens are laying their eggs.

  • Benghazi – where 4 Americans were murdered by terrorists while the Obama Administration did nothing, despite calls for help and available units being in the vicinity. They blamed it on a video nobody had even seen, and covered up the truth. But the truth is coming out, despite how much dancing Obama does to try to put out the flames.
  • The First Amendment – as the Department of Justice goes after the AP news service in such a sweeping way that the media has begun to turn against their once-upon-a-time false Messiah.
  • People’s Health and Welfare – as ObamaCare collapses under its own weight before even protecting one patient, let alone make healthcare anything close to affordable.
  • Article I, Section 7 of the Constitution – which gives the House of Representatives sole power to raise revenue, a provision now skipped at least twice by ObamaCare – first, when the bill was actually put in place by the Senate (who gutted a bill that had passed the House and replaced it with the provisions of ObamaCare using a procedural trick) and now again as HHS Secretary Sebelius solicits corporations for funds to set up ObamaCare’s unpopular health insurance exchanges.
  • The IRS – where an untold number of bureaucrats at who knows what levels of power used their personal authority to carry out Obama’s very clear mandate to go after anybody who opposed him. This targeting of TEA Party and other Conservative groups and individuals may very well have affected the outcome of the 2012 election, giving credence as well to claims that voter fraud was also used by Obama and his supporters to affect the election outcome.

And these five examples unfortunately represent just the tip of a corrupt iceberg. Barack Obama and his cronies of control have infected numerous areas of personal lives, corporate effectiveness, and national safety. He warned us that he was going to fundamentally transform America. But he never said he would do it in a good way.

So take this “I told you so” and learn one thing: don’t get fooled by the hype. If you vote like a fool, we all pay for your folly – but nobody pays more than the people who made such tyranny possible. You may think your support of corruption protects you from it, but know that it will bite you twice as hard and you will fall twice as far. Such are the lessons of history.