The Responsibilities of Choice

My father was big on sex. His advice to his three sons was to get out there and have as much sex as possible, with as many girls as possible, before you locked yourself down in marriage. I’ve always wondered – but never asked – what advice he gave our sister.

In any case, it was bad advice. It served to hyper-sexualize me. By the age of 9 I was a tail-chasing, porn-consuming horn-dog. Fortunately, I was more of the begging dog kind than a successful Best-in-Show dog, and I struck out a lot. But I did have a fair amount of sex – and a lot of it stupidly unprotected. Thankfully I did not sire any out-of-wedlock children or pick up any diseases.

Sadly, the same can not be said for a lot of you out there.

The proof is in the statistics:

Crunch all of those numbers, and it appears that a lot of people out there – especially young adults and barely adults – are having unprotected sex without weighing the consequences: pregnancy and disease.

That might explain why there are over 1.2 million abortions a year in the United States.

But strip away the cold light of the statistics and shine the bright light of reality and what we are talking about are 1.2 million infant lives snuffed out while growing in their mother’s womb.

There are two ways of approaching the matter of “surprise” pregnancies. The Pro-life way is to take responsibility for your actions and see the pregnancy through – with the result being a new life that you either raise yourself or bless another family with.

The Pro-Choice way says “oops… well, if I convince myself it’s only a blob of tissue, I can go ahead and terminate the pregnancy – no harm, no foul.”

Nice lie – and one that is completely unsupported by science. The fact is, that by the time a woman knows she is pregnant, the baby has become attached to the mother and is rapidly growing.

This is what the unborn child looks like at week 4 of life:

Granted, not the cute-as-a-button little ragamuffin that he or she will be by week 12, but still he or she is your little darling whether you admit it or not. This is a heart-beating, arms & legs forming, gender-determined, has daddy’s eyes life.

Which is why the brave Republicans in both the House and Senate in Arkansas passed a bill that prohibits abortion after week 12. Passed and re-passed to overcome the Democrat Governor’s veto.

Why not week 4, you ask? Well, because to pro-abortion forces, a picture is not worth a life. They want some time to ponder the decision to kill or protect life. By week 12, the heartbeat – that has been present since week 4 – can be heard. And I guess for the pedantic, hearing might not be believing, but it is powerful evidence of life.

And before you go all “what about former Senate-candidate Akins” on me, the bill does make exceptions for rape and incest.

The Democrats in New York took a different approach to the matter of pre-born life. They have rolled out a scare tactic campaign with the stated hopes that it will cause the sex without thinking crowd to be armed with the proper prophylactic protection. Here’s one of their campaign signs:

That would certainly scare me! I’m pretty budget conscious. Where was this poster when I needed it to keep me from playing Russian Roulette with my Baby Maker?

In fact, the poster is so scary that I’m betting it would send a frightened girl right to the abortion clinic to be rid of her “unwanted burden.”

I realize that the intention of the poster is to reduce the incidents of unprotected sex. But I’m proof positive that even a highly educated forward thinker such as myself is just as likely to make a bad decision in the heat of the moment as any other person is.

So what is a girl to do when the lights come back on and the home pregnancy test confirms her worst fear? Well, if she passes this sign, she’ll get on the subway to her closest abortion mill. And that would end a life that has no choice in the matter. At the very time when a person who has made a mistake needs to think through the consequences clearly and make a choice to do what is right and best for somebody other than herself, the Democrats scare her into becoming an accessory to baby slaughter.

But then again, Dems are a pretty scary lot to begin with.