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Conservative commentary with a bit of a bite.

Top 7 Similarities Between Obama and HAMAS

Cartoon provided by A.F. Branco. Direct link:

Cartoon provided by A.F. Branco. Direct link:

Back before the Liberals had near-total control of the public education system, we used to learn critical thinking in school. One tool we used was the “compare and contrast” essay. And while these days the closest we get to publicly funded critical thinking is the “3 of these things belong together” song on Sesame Street, I’ve decided to resurrect the form here to shine a light on the evil that lives in Gaza and the one that lives in our own White House.

Originally, I was going to stick to 4 similarities between Obama and HAMAS so as not to stretch beyond the Sesame Street model. But then I remembered that mostly Conservatives read this column, and I have confidence that they have grown well past the remedial level of mind control foisted upon them by schools that are more like babysitters than bastions of knowledge.

Besides, 7 is supposed to be considered lucky, and with any luck we’ll be free of HAMAS and Barack Obama before too long.

So let the light shining begin!

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Generalissimo Obama’s Hispanic Army Invades America

Obama opens the floodgates

Image courtesy of A.F. Branco –

All right – let’s get this out of the way up front. If you are a Progressive Liberal Democrat, Obama-Zombie, or a RINO looking to score points with a demographic that will never vote for you, go ahead and just call me a racist right now. Scream it. Froth at the mouth. Prejudge me before reading the entire article. Throw in some swear words. Oh, and don’t forget to add the obligatory “why do you hate children” in there also. Mustn’t forget to exploit the children.

Okay – we all good now? Is anybody still reading this? Because if you are, then you need to sit down. I’m about to reveal a truth that may alter the entire course of America’s future, and perhaps rewire the synapses in your brain:

Nobody, regardless of age, circumstance, or lip-service to good intentions, has any right to cross America’s borders illegally and then stay in this country.


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