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Conservative commentary with a bit of a bite.

Inside The Mind Of A Liberal Troll

shovel-ready trollAs a Conservative columnist on the internet, I get my share of Liberal Trolls. They just seem to come out of the woodwork, as if they have some sort of ant-like antennae that tingles when a Conservative is using facts, analysis, and insight to put the Progressive ideology to shame. Then they swarm, using ad hominem attacks and cries of “It’s Bush’s fault!” as if that shields their leaders from taking any blame for their actions. The Troll Master – Saul Alinsky – would be proud of his offspring.

I have tried to discover what makes a Liberal Troll tick. Or more appropriately – what makes a Liberal Troll like a tick. My conclusions will haunt you.

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Obama Dribbles While Crimea Burns

Obama basketballCrucial to being a good leader is the ability to set priorities. For instance, as President of the United States, a basic list of priorities should run something like this:

  • Defense – including border security
  • Foreign Policy and International Standing
  • Economic Stability & Growth
  • Protect the Liberty of American Citizens

Now, if you notice, that pretty much lines up with the Preamble of The United States Constitution:

…provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity…

Unfortunately, President Barack Obama has nothing but contempt for the Constitution. But he sure has a love for 2 things: Himself and Basketball.

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Taking Aim At The Progressive Triangle

Prog TriangleMy Father was a Salesman for most of his life. Some would say he was a borderline Con Man. After all, though he did exchange items for money, there was a fair amount of bamboozaling going on. He walked right on top of the ethical line, but he always stayed on the right side of the law.

Did he lie? No. Though the truth did get a workout.

Did he cheat? Depends on your definition of cheat. According to the law, no, he did not cheat.

Did he steal? Definitely not.

I would not have voted for the man to be President of the United States, or to represent me in Congress, but  by technicality he was honest and by effort he was hard working. Sadly, those are not things we can say about the President or his Progressive Posse.

Currently, our government contains dozens of very powerful men and women who are the pinnacle of the Progressive class. I would venture to say that they are indeed the best representatives of all that the Progressive movement has to offer.

And every one of them is a Liar, a Cheater, and a Stealer.

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How’s That ObamaCare Thing Working Out For You?

obamacare-poisonPointing out that ObamaCare is a complete failure is easier than shooting fish in a barrel. But it’s important that we load up the shotgun and keep firing. Otherwise one of Obama’s lies about this train wreck will gain traction – or worse yet, the issue will get swept under the rug before the 2014 elections.

So here is a shotgun blast worth of news about how devastating ObamaCare has been for America so far, and how much damage it can do in the future.

Remember – full repeal is the only solution to ObamaCare. No band-aids, no cosmetic fixes, no delays, no compromises. Every word on every page of this bloated monstrosity – every HHS mandate and Executive Order – must be eradicated.

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