TheWriteAmerica - Conservative commentary with a bit of a bite.


Conservative commentary with a bit of a bite.

Generalissimo Obama’s Hispanic Army Invades America

Obama opens the floodgates

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All right – let’s get this out of the way up front. If you are a Progressive Liberal Democrat, Obama-Zombie, or a RINO looking to score points with a demographic that will never vote for you, go ahead and just call me a racist right now. Scream it. Froth at the mouth. Prejudge me before reading the entire article. Throw in some swear words. Oh, and don’t forget to add the obligatory “why do you hate children” in there also. Mustn’t forget to exploit the children.

Okay – we all good now? Is anybody still reading this? Because if you are, then you need to sit down. I’m about to reveal a truth that may alter the entire course of America’s future, and perhaps rewire the synapses in your brain:

Nobody, regardless of age, circumstance, or lip-service to good intentions, has any right to cross America’s borders illegally and then stay in this country.


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3 Things I Would Change In The Constitution

TheWriteAmerica - 3 Things I Would Change About The Constitution

How would the architects of the Constitution deal with today’s Progressive politicians and activist Judges?

I have great love and respect for the Founding Fathers and for the Constitution they wrote. It is the greatest man-made document ever produced, it created the finest government system ever devised, and it formed the greatest nation in history.

But it was not without a few kinks. Or in the case of the 3/5ths Compromise, one big, sad gap. We all wish via our hindsight that they had instead abolished slavery in America right then and there. But they didn’t. They were faced with trying to pull together 13 very different colonies, all of whom had different ideas of how a united government should be formed. Many of the compromises the Founders made led to a better, higher ground than any of the disparate ideas presented on their own, but this one compromise was begrudgingly made to keep the nation from falling apart before it was even united.

There are some other things I wish they had done a little differently in the Constitution as well. Nothing so big as the 3/5th Compromise. But things that would have kept the nation from some of the troubles we are facing now.

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