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Conservative commentary with a bit of a bite.

Justina Pelletier and the Coming America Revolution

DCFThis article is not for wimpy Progressive Liberals who trust Big Government, Activist Judges, and Monolithic Institution. There is nothing you toadies can say that will justify what has happened to Justina Pelletier and her family.

But if you have a heart – prepare for it to be broken.

If you have a soul – prepare to have it cry out for Justice.

And if you have blood in your veins and fire in your belly – prepare for the coming Revolution. Soldiers will be needed, and I fear real blood will be spilled.

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Taking Aim At The Progressive Triangle

Prog TriangleMy Father was a Salesman for most of his life. Some would say he was a borderline Con Man. After all, though he did exchange items for money, there was a fair amount of bamboozaling going on. He walked right on top of the ethical line, but he always stayed on the right side of the law.

Did he lie? No. Though the truth did get a workout.

Did he cheat? Depends on your definition of cheat. According to the law, no, he did not cheat.

Did he steal? Definitely not.

I would not have voted for the man to be President of the United States, or to represent me in Congress, but  by technicality he was honest and by effort he was hard working. Sadly, those are not things we can say about the President or his Progressive Posse.

Currently, our government contains dozens of very powerful men and women who are the pinnacle of the Progressive class. I would venture to say that they are indeed the best representatives of all that the Progressive movement has to offer.

And every one of them is a Liar, a Cheater, and a Stealer.

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Why Do Progressives Hate Personal Responsibility?

56290You may have noticed that new columns here at TheWriteAmerica have come on a spotty basis over the past month. That’s because writing a political commentary column is a career dream of mine, but circumstances dictate that I work a full-time job – which unfortunately is not as a columnist. I have responsibilities – a wife, children, mortgage, car payments, and all of the things that come with those chosen blessings. And I was taught growing up that if you take on a responsibility, you take care of that responsibility. My choices are mine, and they should not become another person’s burden. Asking for help is fine, but asking for a bailout or a free-ride is out of the question. It’s just not in my DNA.

Sadly, it is in Barack Obama’s and his Progressive Posse’s DNA. They are all about telling people it’s fine to pass your choices off as somebody else’s fault and pass your responsibilities off as somebody else’s problem. And even better if you pass those things off to an unborn baby or a hard-working Conservative!

However, Obama and the Progressives are too crafty to come out and call those responsibility passers what they are: immature, lazy, and selfish. So they use a bunch of magic words instead.

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Grab A Hearty Bowl Of Conservative Soup

I love soup. Every kind of soup. When it comes to soup, I’m pro-choice. The more choices, the better. And you know what soup reminds me of? It reminds me of America – the American Melting Pot, to be precise. Great ingredients coming together to make a whole that tastes better than the sum of its parts, while still letting those parts be free enough to have their own flavors. A bowl of soup, after all, has one identity – Chicken Noodle, Hearty Beef & Vegetable, Potato Leek,  Mock Turtle, and so on. But each single spoonful can have its own flavor depending on what you scoop up… Just like America is one nation made up of different States filled with different types of people.

That’s the American tradition! Sadly, however, that is not the American way anymore. Since Barack Obama has been in the White House, we’ve seen an erosion of States’ Rights, even as he and his Progressive brethren have set about dividing America into identity groups so parsed that voters have been split along ethnic, gender, and even dog vs cat lover lines.

And lest you think this is only a Democrat strategy, let us not forget that the Elite Establishment of the aging Republican Party – the RINOs – has moved so left of center that it is actively trying to run the right wing of the party out of town.

Fortunately, there are people who are willing to fight both the RINOs and the Progressives. They are called Conservatives, and they’re here to save America!

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