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Conservative commentary with a bit of a bite.

2 Economic Numbers That Low-Information Voters Don’t Understand

Unemployment numbers are not what they seem.

Unemployment is dropping… it’s dropping workers, income, and hope.*

It’s no wonder, seeing as Progressives are the Masters of Manipulation, that many people accept the statistics fed to them by the mainstream media as solid, reliable, and true.

But they aren’t. In fact, those reported numbers show that while math is a science of verifiable results, it is still in the end easily manipulated by liars and thieves.

Which brings us to the Obama Administration, whose use of numbers in many instances reminds me of the kid who gets caught red handed with crumbs on his chin and then claims he was just getting me some cookies. In this case, the cookies are two economic numbers: the Unemployment Rate and the Budget Deficit. And when you look at them, you’ll realize that Obama ate your dessert.

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How Progressives Have Conned America

Obama Cons Liberal Suckers

There’s a Liberal Sucker born every minute.*

I grew up at the knee of one of America’s most mediocre con-men. My father had tried to be a legitimate businessman, but circumstances, bad luck, and a need to feed his family turned him into a “salesman” who was always dancing on the line of both morality and the law. That’s what made him mediocre as a con-man: ultimately, he refused to cross the line.

But he did keep us fed, and he taught me some valuable lessons along the way. One is to never trust anybody who says they have a simple way to make my life better. Another is to think twice before acting once. But perhaps the most valuable lesson is this: There is no such thing as a sure thing.

To teach me those things, my father used the example of gambling, apropos as we lived in Las Vegas. He walked me through how to bluff and get bluffed at cards and life, the way odds are rigged so that the House always wins, and how even when you think you control the game, you will still lose your shirt.

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