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Conservative commentary with a bit of a bite.

If Only Washington, D.C. Was More Like Disney World…

OGoofThomas Jefferson would have loved Disney World. Sure he would have found the monogrammed Mouse Ears a bit undignified, but he would have approved of how the place is set up. Basically, Disney World is an example of Jefferson’s dream of local communities as individual hubs -  complete with their own local government, economy, and cultural melting pot, free of onerous daily Central Government intrusions.

Yes, I think Jefferson would have been enamored with Mickey Mouse, but he would have hated our current Goofy-in-Chief, Barack Obama.

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The Democrats’ Debt Ceiling Deception


Since writing this, we now have seen Senate Minority “Leader” Mitch Mconnell throw us all under the debt-ceiling bus for 2-billion pieces of silver. But the math, the Constitutional analysis – and the need to not fall for any more Democrat Debt Ceiling Traps – remains as urgent as ever. Along with the need to primary Mitch Mconnell out of the GOP nomination for Senate in his state with a true Conservative who will protect the American people and not their own cronies.

My wife and I used to fight about money at least once a month. Then we took Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University course. It taught us that making a budget begins with setting priorities before you start counting your dollars and cents.

The United States government could learn a a lot from Ramsey’s FPU. And I think they better learn quickly, because frankly there are plenty of people who are ready to divorce the government.

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Your Government Does Not Care What You Think

Tell me if your Dad used to yell this at you: “If I want your opinion, I’ll tell you what it is!”

Scary, right? And unfortunately a picture of how our representatives in the United States government treat us. Their priorities are wrong, we the people know it, and they don’t care to listen to us. In fact, only 31% of likely voters think the US is heading in the right direction. And only 24% trust the government to do the right thing. Overall, only 10% of people polled have any confidence in Congress – and only 37% in the President.

Of course, that begs the question why do we keep sending the same group of useless idiots back to Washington D.C. when we the voters control who represents us? After all, only 64% of likely voters think that Congress cares one bit about what they think.

But that is a question for another time. Today’s question is, what the heck is the government doing instead of doing what we the people want and need?

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Betrayed By Disney

My daughter loves Cinderella. My son loves Iron Man. My wife loves Mickey Mouse. And I love NFL Football. We spend a lot of time and money on these passions. And nearly all of it funnels into one big mega-corporation: Disney – which also owns ESPN and Marvel Entertainment.*

But as it turns out, we’ve been funding a corporation that gives money and air time to Liberal causes we stand opposed to – including Obama’s Presidential campaign, gay marriage advocacy, and abortion initiatives.

Furthermore, we have seen an increasingly Liberal/Progressive vocal presence on the part of many of their paid actors, TV personalities, creators, and corporate officers.

However, even in the face of the above facts, we’ve never considered a boycott of Disney or any of its subsidies.

That is, until now…

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