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Conservative commentary with a bit of a bite.

2 Economic Numbers That Low-Information Voters Don’t Understand

Unemployment numbers are not what they seem.

Unemployment is dropping… it’s dropping workers, income, and hope.*

It’s no wonder, seeing as Progressives are the Masters of Manipulation, that many people accept the statistics fed to them by the mainstream media as solid, reliable, and true.

But they aren’t. In fact, those reported numbers show that while math is a science of verifiable results, it is still in the end easily manipulated by liars and thieves.

Which brings us to the Obama Administration, whose use of numbers in many instances reminds me of the kid who gets caught red handed with crumbs on his chin and then claims he was just getting me some cookies. In this case, the cookies are two economic numbers: the Unemployment Rate and the Budget Deficit. And when you look at them, you’ll realize that Obama ate your dessert.

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If Only Washington, D.C. Was More Like Disney World…

OGoofThomas Jefferson would have loved Disney World. Sure he would have found the monogrammed Mouse Ears a bit undignified, but he would have approved of how the place is set up. Basically, Disney World is an example of Jefferson’s dream of local communities as individual hubs –  complete with their own local government, economy, and cultural melting pot, free of onerous daily Central Government intrusions.

Yes, I think Jefferson would have been enamored with Mickey Mouse, but he would have hated our current Goofy-in-Chief, Barack Obama.

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