TheWriteAmerica - Conservative commentary with a bit of a bite.


Conservative commentary with a bit of a bite.


Welcome to TheWriteAmerica! Here you’ll find articles on News, History, Politics, and more – viewed through the lens of our original Founding Fathers’ intentions for this great Republic. TheWriteAmerica is definitely the land of the free and the home of the brave. The emphasis here is on the pursuit of liberty and justice. The dream here is to encourage us to take up our rightful place as citizens of America, citizens who are free to pursue their destiny without the yoke of an oversized government bent on restraining people in the name of “fairness.”

The purpose of TheWriteAmerica is to promote the preservation of our great nation by urging a return to the original doctrines that this country was founded on, namely the Declaration of Independence and The United States Constitution. By applying a vision that takes the wording of these documents at face value when possible – or limiting the interpretation thereof when situations arise outside the scope of the original framers’ intentions – the United States of America can continue to secure the liberty of its citizens, the growth of the economy, and the security of the nation.

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