Obama’s March Sequester Madness

I used to be a huge college basketball fan. It was impossible not to be when living in Las Vegas from the mid-1970s through the early 1990s. Those were the heydays of the UNLV Running Rebels. Jerry Tarkanian, Final Four appearances, Larry Johnson, Reggie Theus, Gregg Anthony, a National Championship… it all made it easy to live and breath college hoops.

Which was fine for my growing up years. But then I became an adult, and it became time to put college basketball in its proper place. I have a life to run now. Marriage, children, church, work… the things that take my time, care, and hard-earned money… well, they really put my hobbies in perspective. After all, I can’t let my my family finances flounder while I obsess about hoop teams’ rankings and tourney seeds.

Too bad President Obama has yet to figure out the same thing…

As President of the United States, Barrack Obama is required by law to deliver a budget blueprint to Congress by the first Monday in February each and every year. He has yet to hit that deadline even once, and is still tardy on the 2013 budget as of this writing. But he has put together his 2013 NCAA College Basketball tourney brackets in time for the annual event’s first tip! No budget – but we know he favors Indiana to win it all this year.

Not that any budget by President Obama has a snowball’s chance in a Las Vegas summer of passing. In fact, none of Obama’s late budgets have received even one measly vote in Congress. They are so packed with far-left Liberal spending and onerous tax increases that not even his most committed brown-nosers in Congress is willing to put their name on it.

So instead of a budget that cuts spending, reigns in runaway entitlement programs, and rights the US fiscal ship, we have the Sequester – that ham-fisted across the board list of mandatory cuts that were meant to punish the President and Congress for not doing their job.

I’ve argued before that the Sequester has a silver lining; at least it does something about spending, and it leaves a whole lot of elected officials with egg on their face. Hopefully that will translate into voters taking charge of America’s fiscal future at the voting booth.

And maybe, just maybe, the White House and Congress would begin to take responsibility for how our tax money is spent.

Alas, that is not the case. As stated by the White House, instead of sitting down and applying the Sequester cuts in a well-thought out way, they instead want the cuts to cause as much pain for the American public as possible. Then they’ll just blame the Republicans and Viola! the Dems can go back to spending and taxing US citizens into a red hole.

But this time, Obama may have miscalculated the power of his teleprompter. The public – and even some people in the fawning ObamaMedia – are not happy with the “choices” the White House and its agencies have made. For instance, while Obama cancelled White House tours – which are done for free by volunteer tour guides – he kept intact the White House Visitor’s Office Manager’s salary of $100,000.

And that’s just one flake on Obama’s fast melting PR snowball…

And that’s just a taste of how ridiculous the Democrats have been acting over the slowing down of future spending! Which is all that the Sequester really is. It certainly isn’t an actual reduction in spending!

So while America continues to mount up debt like the Running Rebels pulling away in the second half, Obama and his cronies live the high life, going on trips, throwing parties on Capitol Hill, and applying their very weak prediction skills to this year’s college hoops tourney.

Maybe if taxpayers put on some uniforms and racked up some points, we could get Obama’s attention…

Oh wait, United States soldiers already do that, and Obama is playing Sequester Games with their needed funds too.