Obama’s Loyal Jesters

Loyalty is an admirable trait, one that I value very highly. The word engenders images of brave knights, standing ready to protect the realm no matter what the personal cost. Knights are sworn to be loyal to their liege, yes, but they are honor bound to put their duty to what is good and right above all things. The best knight will challenge his Lord to rethink matters when said Master is straying from what is good for the kingdom.

A King’s knights do his bidding, but they are not sworn Yes-Men. Nor are they mere performers, dancing for the delight of the Crown. That role falls to the Court’s Jesters.

Which is why President Barack Obama appoints Jesters and avoids knights like the plague.

Obama’s top laugh-getter is of course Joe Biden. Biden is a gaffetastic old kook who whirls about so wildly that he sometimes slips his puppet-master’s strings and bawdily lifts up the dress of a Lady-in-Waiting. But seeing as Biden is merely just the Vice-President, there’s very little actual harm he can do unless Obama becomes incapacitated.

But while Biden is pretty much harmless, Eric Holder is the most dangerous Jester in Obama’s Court of Fools. As the head of the Department of Justice, Holder has wantonly put aside any notion of what is right, and has become a mere mouthpiece for Obama’s personal prejudices. Thus intimidating Black Panthers are merely expressing their free speech by scaring white people entering the voting booth, the Defense of Marriage Act becomes an ignored law sacrificed at the alter of the Gay Rights Army, and American guns walk their way into Mexican drug runners who then point them at American law officers. Eric Holder is the scary clown that has kids hiding under the covers in abject fear.

Jay Carney, on the other hand, is The Clown Prince of The Microphone. Obama sends this particular jester out to entertain the serfs in the field with “ums” and “hmmms” and no words of real substance. The only real harm he does is wasting everybody’s time.

A new jester to Obama’s court is that very tall failed would-be President, John Kerry. After spending most of his political career carrying Ted Kennedy’s spare flask, Kerry has graduated to Secretary of State. He is taking the place of outgoing Screaming Jester, Hillary Clinton – she of “what does it matter” fame when discussing dead Americans. Kerry is the ultimate good soldier – in politics, not on any real battlefield – promising right away to “carry out Obama’s vision” around the world. Which I assume means blaming America for every other country’s woes and helping the Muslim Brotherhood rise up the ranks of Middle Eastern governments.

Oh, the list of Obama’s Jester’s could go on for pages and pages, though it will never come close to the girth of any of the bills he’s championed such as ObamaCare or Dodd-Frank. Tim Geithner, The TurboTax Fool, who is about to give way to Jack “The Jester of Failed Big Businesses” Lew at Treasury… Chuck Hagel, The Jester Who Supports Terrorists, waits in the wings to replace Leon “Everybody but Heterosexual Men In The Military Have Rights” Panetta as Secretary of Defense… And the The Invisible Jester, Valerie Jarret, whose primary purpose appears to be to wind up Obama’s spring every day so he can carry the Progressive Liberal banner higher and higher.

It’s a veritable palace filled with sight-gags, squirting flowers, whoopie cushions, and buzzer rings here on Capitol Hill. Unfortunately, the joke is on us.