Marco Rubio Opens The Floodgates

If people made voting decisions based on what the mainstream media peddles, then we’d be living in a country with an unemployment rate hovering around and above 8.0% for the past 4 years, a debt over $16-trillion, a bloated healthcare mandate that would cost $20,000 per year for the cheapest plan, and a Foreign Policy that would abandon traditional allies in favor of promoting the Muslim Brotherhood and being more flexible to Russia.

Oh wait, people did, and we do.

Which means that according to the news reports of the past two days, Marco Rubio now has no chance of ever being elected President.

So, what did this once promising up-and-coming political star do to crash his chances at leading the country into an asteroid?

Did he take repeated trips in a campaign donor’s private plane to an island paradise so he could hook up with underage prostitutes?

Did he get caught get in a gun-walking scandal that led to the death of an American Border Patrol Agent?

Wait – I know! He played the race card once too often and stained his credibility.

No? None of those? Then what did Marco Rubio do to torpedo his political Swift Boat?

He what? He paused to take a drink of water during a speech? Who in the heck would try to peddle that as a career ending move?

How about Wolf Blitzer of CNN? Yes, this once-upon-a-time at least interesting if not truthful “journalist” asked “So can a drink of water make or break a political career? A U.S. Senator, possible presidential candidate.”

And then he added “We’re going to find out, whether he likes it or not.” Because, after all, the mainstream media is all about vetting political candidates. I mean, look at the stellar job they did with Barack Obama’s past.

And, as if Blitzer’s focus on a drink of water wasn’t silly enough, Politico columnist Maggie Haberman wasted 900 words on the subject! That’s more words than I’m using here to make fun of Haberman and her Obama-colored glasses wearing peers!

Not to be outdone, the Los Angeles Timesthe newspaper that still has not seen fit to release the video tape of Obama’s appearance at a party for former PLO frontman Rashid Khalidi – called it “Rubio’s Poland Spring Moment.”

Ironically, Marco Rubio has now done more for Poland with one sip than Obama has in his entire political career.

All of this kerflufle over a sip of water! The Huffington Post saw it as politically significant. Comedian/faux newsman John Stewart spent time on the subject. Time Magazine online… ABC News… heck – the video of that one sip has even gone viral!

And you know what? That’s really sad. It’s sad that the media thinks a pause to sip some water is more newsworthy than what Marco Rubio had to say. They deemed it more significant than his response to Obama’s lie-filled speech and self-back-patting. They thought it more compelling than Rubio’s personal tale of immigration and how he wants to fix the system. They pushed a water break ahead of the Conservative answer to high unemployment, anemic economic growth, and the ever-encroaching government pushed by the Liberals currently in charge.

Blitzer, Huffington, Stewart and their ilk do a great disservice to our nation. And the people who take their silly “news” and make decisions based upon what comes from the mouths of these quacking Obama worshipers should hang their heads in shame.

As for the rest of us, we’re going to all take a sip from our shiny Rubio Water Bottles and get about doing the hard work that is needed to save this nation and its people.