Have You Heard? – January 25, 2013

Today’s news is all about boobs.

  • The Left Boob In The White House: Obama has a thing about sidestepping the Constitution, and this time he got slapped down by the US District Court, which ruled that his “I’ll say what a recess is” appointments to the NLRB were indeed unconstitutional. Nice try, but no go for another special favor for your big money union boss pals, Barack. When will you learn that the Constitution is there to protect us from government officials just like you?
  • The Insensitive Boob On The Internet: A writer for the web conglomerate, Gawker, thinks cold weather is worse than the wanton murder of 6-million Jews. Well, I guess Free Speech has to apply to everyone, even the morally insane.
  • The Strange Boobs In Germany: In a story that I’m sure is unrelated to the Holocaust, it appears that a squadron of elite German male soldiers are developing breasts. Yeah, no comment.