Democrats Try To Bluff With Gender Pay Gap Lies

Democrats must make terrible poker players: they always hold on to the wrong cards and try to bluff, no matter how bad their hand is. The fact that the media keeps dealing from the bottom of the deck for them hasn’t improved their winnings as of late, and a larger and larger pot of voters is starting to refuse to even sit at the gambling tables with them – especially when they see the better odds at the Republicans’ table. The stakes are too high: the future of America complete with a pile of chips representing the Economy, Constitutional Freedoms, and National Security holding the biggest face values.

The Dems most recent bluff is the Gender Pay Gap Gambit. They’ve been playing this one since the rise of “Feminism” in the late 1960s. And I’ll admit, they had a bit of a point the first time through the deck. However, that was because women had not really broken the “glass ceiling” at a lot of companies. There were women who desired those heights, and they were having a hard time breaking in.

But that has changed. There are a lot of female CEOs and other level executives at both public and private corporations now. And a big pot of women own their own businesses. The Gender Pay Gap has turned from issue to myth. For equal jobs, pay is pretty much equal regardless of sex. And as for the claims that there is an overall average pay gap – well, that’s the Dems playing fast and loose with the numbers; they simply do not take into account the very fact that more men do higher paying, often dangerous, work, and that more women work part time or live in areas of the country where two incomes per family is not necessary and thus they don’t work or run small niche businesses with low profit margins.

What’s ironic, however, is that one career path has been revealed to have a gender pay gap: working for Democrat Senators, Reps, and within the Obama Administration! The White House pays women an average $10,000 – or 13% – less than equivalent male staffers. A whole list of Democrat Senators pay their female staffers anywhere from 7.3% less (Barbara Boxer) to a whopping 40% less (Jeff Bingaman) – or 47.6% less if you count extremely left-leaning Independent Bernie Sanders!

So lets stop with the bluffing, Democrats. And that goes for you too, mainstream media lapdogs. You should be embarrassed by the hypocrisy of your words and actions. The American public is not falling for your lies. It’s high time you stop playing games with the future of this country. Either bring some real ideas and solutions to the table, or give your seat up to somebody who knows how to win the economic future and national security of our nation.

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