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Conservative commentary with a bit of a bite.

Atheism Proves Once Again That It Is A Religion

He may be past his prime for Saturday Night Live, but Father Guido Sarducci just got a job offer! Atheists – who keep claiming they are not part of a religion – are petitioning the United States government for their own personal Chaplains in the military.

Yes, the people who claim they have no belief in God want a pastoral adviser. Of course, this is ludicrous. After all, a “Chaplain” is a person of a specific religion empowered to give spiritual guidance under the tenets of that religion. If an Atheist needs council, well, the US Armed Forces have secular counselors standing by to serve their needs.

But alas – this isn’t really about the need for spiritual guidance – an oxymoron coming from an Atheist’s mouth. No, it’s really about what Progressives do best: changing the definitions of words to twist them to their own political ends.

The Atheist wing of the Progressive movement has been attempting to twist true meanings for a very long time now. But lately they have stepped up their game with the aid of the Democrats, the ACLU, and various Humanist Societies’ bank accounts. Just recently, they scored a significant victory: the right to erect their own version of the Ten Commandments in the public square. And make no mistake, this was a monument from an organized religion, to the members of that organized religion, for the purpose of promoting the key worship values of that organized religion.

I know – you “meaning changers” out there who want to redefine such things as “life,” “marriage,” and “family” are suddenly screaming that “Atheism” means you believe there is no “God.” But really, the word should be “A – Theism” because Atheists have two primary gods: their own self and the Progressive State.

Sure Atheists are great at playing rules and language lawyers when it serves their own purposes. But if it walks like a religion (which means “a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe…”), and it talks like a religion (see again the monument, and the call for Chaplains), then by Gumby, it’s a religion!

Atheists even organize themselves into sectarian groups just like Christianity has Catholicism and the wide variety of Protestant denominations, just like Judaism has various sects, just like there are Buddhists and Taoists, Shiite and Sunni Muslims, and so on and so on. Just Bing-search “Atheist Organizations” and watch the various flavors load on your screen – each with their own organizational requirements, variations on Humanistic creeds, tax-exempt status, organized events, and funding drives!

So let’s stop choosing convenient definitions when it suits some special interest. Atheism is a religion. At its core is the unprovable belief – a strong and steady faith – that there is no supernatural “god” of any sort, that the Universe was created from matter that ironically itself had no Creator, and that one single-celled organism crawled out of the goo and became all of the various species that inhabit the Earth despite there being no conclusive evidence whatsoever of one type of creature – let’s say a reptile – becoming another type of creature – let’s say a human being, even with whatever stops along the “evolutionary chain” that Atheists want to construct.

I say let’s give these snakes-in-the-grass what they want! Let’s give them their Armed Forces Chaplains and stop letting some people pretend that Atheism is anything other than a religion.

God bless you, Atheists!


  • Jenny Lee

    It’s more like a belief system then a Religion, but atheists would probably complain about that categorizing. Do they allow Buddhists to have a monk or whoever to help the troops? If yes go for it, if no sorry no can do. Fair is fair, isn’t that some sort of Liberal motto?

    • thewriteamerica

      It’s a belief system about the nature of the universe, morality, and our place in the universe – which is the definition of a religion. Whether A-Theists want to admit it or not.

      A Chaplain is a religious position. Those of any faith can come to the Chaplain for faith-based counsel. What the A-Theists want is to make a mockery of the role of a Chaplain, of faith, and of God. If they really cared about getting counsel, and do not believe in God or a god, then they can see a psychologist.

      • Jenny Lee

        I don’t care either way if they get accepted. But on the whole fair is fair idea, if any other belief system that is not set up by the teachings of a higher power or deity is accepted than Atheism can be. However, if the only accepted religions of the military are those faiths based on a higher power or deity is accepted than no.

        • thewriteamerica

          I think you might be missing the irony of Atheists wanting something that is by its very definition tied to faith in a deity. They don’t really want a Chaplain as a Chaplain is defined. What they really want is to change the definition of Chaplain to suit their needs. Like most Progressives, they are more interested in controlling the language and thinking, not on the actual issue they pretend to be concerned about.

          And, by the way – there is nothing stopping an Atheist in the military from going to see the Chaplain. What they object to is that Chaplains by definition are based in faith in a deity.

    • Raymond Andrews

      Actually, the military does allow for Chaplains of various religions. I’ve even seen a Wiccan Chaplain but it has to be a religion that is officially recognized. The main issue is having an ordained or recognized religious official wiling to join the military. They are, after all, officers.

      • thewriteamerica

        But why would the non-religious Atheists need a Chaplain?

        • Raymond Andrews

          They wouldn’t. I think they are trying to put themselves into different areas so they can establish themselves as a new “class”.

          • thewriteamerica


  • Chuck Peyton

    I can see it now the sermon begins like this….Todays message is from the book of well we don’t have a book so lets go straight to our Lord hmmmm yet again I must say we don’t have a lord. Ok today’s message is now concluded don’t pray just leave