When Is An Emergency Not An Emergency?

Master of the False AlarmA close friend of mine is a well-known plastic surgeon. During the early part of his career, he was an Emergency Room / Trauma surgeon at a hospital in the heart of gang-land Philadelphia. He handled bullet holes, knife slashes, car crashes, and severe burns. As an ER surgeon, he knew how to prioritize things and give each person the immediate care they needed as well as the highly delicate care that took more time. The basics went something like this: save the life, lessen the pain, make it look pretty – in that order. He is a man who knows the difference between a rush to save a burn victim’s life and a starlet looking for bigger boobs.

Unfortunately, the US government specializes in boobs, and knows little about true emergencies. And though both sides of the aisle are guilty of prioritizing cosmetic fixes over life-saving and pain-reducing results, the Obama Administration and his cronies in Congress have elevated the philosophy of “never let a good crisis go to waste” to an ugly art form.

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Death By Illegal Alien

My wonderful wife was not born here in the United States. Yes, that’s correct – TheWriteAmerica is married to an immigrant. She came here at the age of 10 months as the daughter of two legal immigrants. Both of her parents arrived here from Brazil after filing the proper paperwork and receiving the various clearances and documents. They became full-fledged America citizens, put down roots, and melted into the pot of American diversity. And in this pioneering, law-abiding family’s wake, three other families related to them by blood and marriage legally immigrated to our shores.

All told, my in-laws can trace their heritage to Brazil, Greece, Guatemala, Germany – and by marriage to other US citizens to Poland, Russia, and Ireland. Each one of those people (or their ancestors) immigrated here legally. And each of them built a thriving business here, all on their own, without government loans, handouts, or help. All of them pay their taxes, vote, and contribute to the success of their communities.

Mine is truly a family that has lived the American dream.

Sadly, however, President Barack Obama is determined to destroy the American dream precisely by perverting the rule of law that my family dutifully followed.

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The EPA Tries To Make ICE Melt

Just last week I wrote about how Congress has been shirking their responsibilities to make laws instead of allowing Government Bureaucracies such as the EPA run to rampant over American Citizens. Perhaps Utah’s Republican Representative Rob Bishop has been reading TheWriteAmerica, or he’s just as fed up with these autonomous Alphabet Soup agencies as I am. Probably the latter, as Bishop has already authored and steered through the House a bill that curtails the EPA’s power when it comes to regulating federal lands that illegal immigrants use to invade the United States. See, according to EPA rules, Border Patrol Agents in pursuit of illegal immigrants must abandon their vehicles if they want to follow those criminals onto federally protected lands! Yes, even if those illegal immigrants are themselves driving across said protected land.

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