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Conservative commentary with a bit of a bite.

John McCain: A Case Study In Why RINOs Must Die

John McCain’s ego is almost as big as Barack Obama’s. Almost… After all, Obama beat McCain in 2008, giving the President a bigger sense of self-worth by default.

You would think that losing would have humbled McCain. But no – fueled by defeat, John McCain has reinvented himself.

This new McCain is now known as the Old RINO. And he is the prime example of why real Republicans need to hunt McCain and his kind out of existence.

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Your Government Does Not Care What You Think

Tell me if your Dad used to yell this at you: “If I want your opinion, I’ll tell you what it is!”

Scary, right? And unfortunately a picture of how our representatives in the United States government treat us. Their priorities are wrong, we the people know it, and they don’t care to listen to us. In fact, only 31% of likely voters think the US is heading in the right direction. And only 24% trust the government to do the right thing. Overall, only 10% of people polled have any confidence in Congress – and only 37% in the President.

Of course, that begs the question why do we keep sending the same group of useless idiots back to Washington D.C. when we the voters control who represents us? After all, only 64% of likely voters think that Congress cares one bit about what they think.

But that is a question for another time. Today’s question is, what the heck is the government doing instead of doing what we the people want and need?

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Being a Republican used to mean something that you could be proud of. It used to mean that you were a champion of freedom, liberty, and personal responsibility. It used to mean taking a balanced budget approach to personal, business, and government finances. It used to mean working to get the government out of the way of the people. It used to mean enforcing the rule of law in the cause of justice, not gain.

But over the past 13 years, it has come to mean something different. It now means compromising principles to be more appealing to a press corps that hates us. It means less government (as a relative term) but not small government. It means spending a tiny bit less than your opponents’ want to spend, but making sure not to cut into any of the largesse that has driven our country towards bankruptcy because that wouldn’t be “popular” or “fair.”

I’m no longer proud of what it means to be a Republican. But I know who to blame for this change for the worse in the Party I have always loved: Karl Rove.

And I say it’s time for Rove to retire.

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Obama At His Word

If the history of politics should have taught us one thing, it would be to never take what a politician says at face value. Politicians are the Dukes of Doublespeak, the Sorcerers of Soundbites, and – most horrific of all things – the Illusionists of Intentions.

And yet, people go to the polls believing the hype they see on the evening news and elect into office leaders whose words they have not truly examined. They are filled with visions of sugar plum fairies, forgetting that fairies are merely the stuff of make-believe.

Which makes Obama the Master of Make Believe.

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